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In this divine, very insighful 30-minute session that has helped 100's of people globally! You'll receive guidance directly from the Lord concerning your specific issue or situation. Prophetess Tisha has been providing this kind of service for over 20 years. The many testimonies she's received over the years are PROOF that this service is a necessity for those who are ready to walk in the fullness of their purpose, to gain clarity and keen instruction along the journey!  

To ensure the most accurate prophetic consultation, please email your concerns in advance ( During your session, Prophetess Ricks will relay only what she hears from the Lord, grounded in biblical principles, without interjecting personal opinions.


After your consultation, it's essential to take the guidance to prayer for deeper understanding and application. The service is conducted via phone, with the number blocked for privacy. Further details (ie cost etc) are given on the appointment page.

This is what you've been praying for! BOOK TODAY. 

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Tisha Ricks Ministries Worldwide
~Demonstrating God's Power through

I Corinthians 2:4-5

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