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Have you ever faced the daunting isolation struggles in prophetic leadership? Navigated through uncertainties, seeking that delicate balance between authority and vulnerability? Felt the weight of judgment or battled persistently with identity struggles and the lack of trustworthy, divine connections? Tired of not fulfilling the prophetic call & kingdom purpose for your life? Our Prophetic Intensive Training has been tailored to address these specific challenges. Ready to step out of the cycle and genuinely discover transformative solutions?


Embark on a profound journey overflowing with insight, guidance, the presence of God, tranquility, fellowship, and personal growth. Hosted by the honorable Prophetess Tisha Ricks, CPC, and distinguished guests, this training is designed to help you navigate your prophetic journey with clarity, wisdom, power, and purpose.




* Date and Time: Join us on April 6, 2024, from 9 am to 5 pm for a full day of immersive learning and exploration.


* Award-Winning Venue: Experience the tranquility and beauty of the Inn at Serenbe| Luxury Hotel and Resort a renowned establishment featured in O Oprah Magazine, Travel and Leisure, Southern Living, and Naturally, DANNY SEO.


* Expert Guidance of a trusted Prophetic trainer: Prophetess Tisha Ricks, CPC, brings decades of experience in prophetic training and consulting to guide and mentor you throughout the training.


* Notable Guest Speakers: Benefit from the wisdom and insights of other notable leaders who will join us to share their experiences and knowledge.


* Morning Refreshments: Start your day with a delightful selection of fresh teas and coffee to invigorate your mind and body.


* Morning Prayer Walk (weather permitting): Immerse yourself in nature with a morning prayer walk as we meditate on the word of God, cultivating a profound sense of peace and spiritual connection with The Lord. Recognizing that as a prophetic vessel, PRAYER (constant communion with Him) stands as the cornerstone of your life and ministry.


* Golf Cart Transportation: Enjoy a scenic golf cart ride to and from the restaurant, immersing yourself in the serene surroundings of Serenbe.


* Farm-to-Table Lunch: Indulge in a delicious, farm-to-table lunch sourced directly from Serenbe Farms and prepared by the esteemed Halsa restaurant.


* Explore the Prophetic Depths: Embark on a profound journey into the prophetic trenches with Prophetess Tisha Ricks a vessel of God who obeys and walks closely with the Lord. Sharing her vast knowledge and imparts valuable insights to elevate your prophetic abilities in order to accomplish Gods will. Learn to navigate potential pitfalls that have led many with prophetic gifts, calling and mantles astray, ensuring you maintain favor and power with God. * Prophetic Activation: Enhance your capacity to hear from the Lord through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, improve accuracy in delivering prophetic words, deepen intimacy with God, and receive personalized feedback and mentoring in a safe and supportive environment. This enables you to see breakthroughs and experience transformation in your prophetic ministry.


* Personalized Prophecy: Encounter the transformative impact of personal prophecy as Prophetess Tisha Ricks imparts keen words of guidance, exhortation and encouragement.


* Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate of completion, recognizing your participation and dedication to your prophetic journey.


* Elevate Your Prophetic Journey with the Thoughtfully curated Prophetic Mastery Toolkit™️: Exclusively for registrants of our Prophetic Intensive Training, the Prophetic Mastery Kit is a handpicked collection of resources designed to INpower™️ you on your prophetic journey. Unlock your potential, deepen your connection with the Lord, and step into a new level of prophetic mastery.


🔥 Seize this purpose-FULL opportunity to elevate your prophetic journey! Registration is OPEN! Take advantage of the EARLYEAGLE discount for a limited time. Don't miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in a day of prophetic learning/activation, INpowerment™️, fellowship, divine-charge, and delightful food. Register today, mark your calendar, and secure your spot for a time of prophetic transformation! 📅

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I Corinthians 2:4-5

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