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About the Prophetess

Prophetess Tisha Ricks, CPC

Prophetess Tisha Ricks was raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. At the early age of seven she gave her life to the Lord. Prophetess knew in her heart that God had a great call on her life. She wanted to learn more about Him so she begin going to visit Ministries with the older mother's in her neighborhood and studying the word. She had an insatiable thirst for His power in her life.


At age 10 He filled her with the precious Holy ghost but the true evidence didn't come until her late teens. However because of the turmoil in her life she went through years of EXTREME rejection, Severe Sexual/physical abuse, Great POVERTY, an absent Father and a Mother who was addicted to crack cocaine.


Although she wanted to be a good mother the addiction consumed her for over 30 years. BUT GOD!!! After years of FERVANT prayer and fasting by the Prophetess and other's the Lord DELIVERED her mother COMPLETELY... GLORY!! 




Prophetess Tisha's life took her on a very tough journey which birthed in her true compassion, discernment, authenticity and power. The undeniable mercy and love of her heavenly Father was evident in her life which compelled her to want Him more than ANYTHING. However, the peer pressure and just yearning for acceptance from people, she slowly drifted away from Him. But regardless of how far she drifted away and how hard she tried to be a part of the crowd. The Lord would not let her go! 


      In her teens, she had countless prophetic dreams, and many great prophecies were spoken over her life that left her with TONS of questions. In her mid-twenties she became desperate to KNOW what her purpose was in this life. She sought His face night and day for almost a year. One day while in prayer He said "turn to Judges 4 and she begin to read, as she went down the verses. He stopped her at Judges 4:4 and said "This is who I have called you to be... You are a Prophetess, a Deborah, a judge and deliverer to your generation".. She had no idea what that meant and then He said: "begin to study the life of Deborah and how Prophet's lived, moved and operated in the days of old". She accepted what was spoken to her. However, she was still plagued by many adverse feelings as a result of her past experiences. However, she made up in her mind rebelling was NOT an option and that regardless of what was still trying to be her reality. She had to submit TOTALLY to His will for her life. From that day to this one the Lord is her everything!! She has committed to allow His Spirit to make her WHOLE, so that she can successfully fulfill her destiny and aid others in the fulfillment of their's.      


     Prophetess Tisha has been trained under the tutelage of great men and woman of God in the Kingdom. She was trained prophetically through the School of the Prophets (Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop Bernard Jordan). She has received leadership training from great leaders and business moguls such as Peter Drucker, John Maxwell etc. Prophetess also assisted, commentated and wrote for several world renown leaders, (Bishop. Thomas Weeks III and Dr. Juanita Bynum).


    She is highly anointed and flows in the areas of prophecy, leadership, divine counsel, prophetic Intercession, deliverance, teaching/training, discerning of Spirits, gifts of wisdom-knowledge, and healing.  She’s a mother, wife of 22 years, prophet, conference facilitator, certified, international life and image consultant, leadership development coach, visionary, entrepreneur, Consultant and author. She is known for her keen, prophetic consulting. Hundreds of people, from all walks of life around the globe have written countless testimonies about how their lives were radically transformed by her ~wisdom, truth and godly counsel. The part that leaves them speechless” is many of them she has never seen or met in person. She only knows them by name. She is also noted as a “Mother in Zion”~ (a present-day Deborah)”,  a spiritual mid-wife, fiery Preacher & anointed teacher with undeniable revelation from the Spirit of God, that compels her hearers to repent and turn back to Jesus! 

      She graduated with an Honorary degree in Fashion Merchandising in 2009, received her Life Coach Certification through LCIOC and studied Neuro-Biological/Counseling Psychology. She is also the Founder/Visionary of RICKS Coaching & Consulting Group LLC, Kingdom Reformation Ministries Worldwide.  She self-published her first book in 2008 entitled "And He Speaks" vo1 1 and have co-authored the highly sought-after book "Awakening the Kingdom within you" with her husband.

TRM Worldwide, Prophetic Training Ministry, Global Speaker, Biblical Truth, Wisdom, Prayer

Tisha Ricks Ministries Worldwide
~Demonstrating God's Power through

I Corinthians 2:4-5

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