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Global Prophetic Training

Online Prophetic Training:


Purpose: To provide proper training in order to help prophetic people grow in their personal relationship with God & have a clear understanding of their individual gifts, calling and assignments.


Why Global Prophetic training?



  • Access to learn from the knowledge and keen wisdom of an ordained prophet with over 20 years of experience mentoring & serving (high profile leaders) around the globe, providing extensive prophetic training, revelatory teaching, activating many into their prophetic call/purpose/destiny and walking the talk daily!


  • By-pass the errors many prophetic people make due to erroneous teaching and lack of training


  • Learn the difference between the prophetic mantle & having a prophetic gift


  • Walk-in a new power because of proper understanding and heightened discernment

  • Learn the importance of dressing for kingdom success-having the PROPER image begins to UNLOCK the stature & favor that propels you into divine purpose and causes you to flow effectively in your kingdom assignments). 


  • The convenience of being able to tune in remotely and so much more...


After signing up for any of the classes check your email ((inbox and spam) because all instructions will be sent there on how to join in online!


**If you are interested in the Global Prophetic Training Online Classes or the Global Prophetic Intensive Training Program 

(A HIGHER Level of Prophetic Training)

 send an email to

Please indicate in the email which one or if both interests you.

Multiplied blessings in advance for allowing Prophetess Tisha & her team to assist you on your prophetic journey!

TRM Worldwide, Prophetic Training Ministry, Global Speaker, Biblical Truth, Wisdom, Prayer

Tisha Ricks Ministries Worldwide
~Demonstrating God's Power through

I Corinthians 2:4-5

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